About Us

Royal Newfoundland Regiment of

Fencible Infantry Re-enactors


Bulger’s Company

We are a group of military re-enactors who specialize in the War of 1812, and represent the Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Fencible Infantry. We chose this particular regiment because it was recruited in North America for service here (rather than being a regular British unit sent to serve in Canada), and it performed gallantly in the upper Great Lakes region as well as in other major battles of the War of 1812. Our aim is to educate and inform about that period.

Our members come from all over Simcoe County, Ontario Canada. We drill at Fort Willow near the City of Barrie.

Virtually every week of the year, re-enactment events relevant to the period of the early 1800’s are staged throughout Ontario and neighbouring states in the U.S. We participate in those of interest to us and meet with similar groups from other areas to entertain and educate the spectators who come to watch. These re-enactments encompass everything from period cooking and living, to demonstrations of military drill and musketry, to large scale battle engagements complete with artillery.

Some re-enactments are naval, such as in the images on the home page slider and some are land battles.

Our regiment participates several times a year in local parades where we add color and spectacle, and demonstrate 1812 period military marching and musketry.

At encampments, we demonstrate different aspects of military life in the early 1800’s including an interpretation and demonstration of how the Royal Newfoundland soldier and his camp followers were dressed. Some members of the regiment enjoy period dancing and demonstrate jigs, reels, strathspey, and the waltz.

From time to time the regiment gives talks and military demonstrations to groups or organizations. The theme of education lies behind all our activities, and our aim is to bring history to life in an informative, enjoyable fashion.

The members of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Bulger’s Company furnish themselves with all the items of uniform, tentage, accoutrements, cooking utensils etc., at their own cost. We participate in most events for the enjoyment of reenacting. In special cases where we may be invited to act as movie extras, appear on behalf of a commercial sponsor, or give invited talks or demonstrations, we do ask for a donation.